December 30, 2019 2 min read

Welcome. The Goldsmiths’ Bench was created as a tool to facilitate custom, cad, and created jewelry from the maker’s side of the industry. Simply put, we are a tool that can add value to your business. We work directly with you and your staff to excite and satisfy the retail customers in this ever-changing, fast-paced jewelry industry. As a Master Goldsmith, I have been honing my traditional skills since the 1980’s with an eye on the ever-evolving digital jewelry industry as whole, and all aspects of 3d creation,milling, printing, scanning. As tools and software programs evolve it becomes more and more difficult for a retail store to keep ahead of the curve of educational demand, and customer expectation. Their focus remains and should remain excellent and educated customer service.

Enter The Goldsmiths’ Bench, whether you have a complete staff of your own Cad designers, goldsmiths, or silversmiths, and everything it takes to make the IDEAL jewelry shop, or prefer to outsource most shop work. The Goldsmith’s Bench is your tool to handle overflow, the complete creation, or delivery of your product.  You can choose, ala carte style, the services you would like us to provide.  Our staff works to create Cad designs normally in 48 hours, and in many designs, less. We print and ship every business day.

If you don’t have a customer need currently, dig into your pocket, safe, drawer or where ever you have put that special stone that needs a new, cool piece designed around it. We will do it for you. A very wise 9000 year old vendor once reminded me that you can’t sell it if they can’t see it.  We will help you with a design that can be seen and purchased.