The Goldsmiths Bench is a your direct connnection to Toddmichael a talened award winning jewelery designer since 1985. You work directly with the him, the goldsmith, the jeweler, the custom jewelry designer, the person doing the work for you. Custom jewelry is combining your listening to your desires or wishes and translating them into wearable art using a combination of precious metals, gemstones and diamonds and years of jewelry designing expertise. What can we start making for you today?

The Goldsmiths Bench, it is not just about owning a 3D Cad design program. It’s the practical application of jewelry design experience starting in 1986. Our master goldsmith experience of jewelry design, hand wax carving, diamond and gemstone setting, and ultimately refinishing, a complete jewelry craftsman is the foundation of our complete CAD design service. Combining all the years of hands on experience to transform a idea, a sketch and turn it into a physical piece of art. Our studio works hand in hand with our customers to deliver fast worry cad designs that will be ready for casting, setting and delivery. Using all the skills learned, foreseeing design issues and collaborative communication we create a worry free product.

Combining knowledge and traditional skills with current technology, years of 3d CAD design experience, a state of the art sls 3d printer, 2 and 3d milling machines. We can access the right process for each job to quickly complete and deliver each and every job.